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About Us

Welcome to! This site is designed to share stories from the adventures of our family- the Odom Family! Originally from South Alabama in the USA, we spent ten years in Boston, MA (where E came along). The three of us moved to Scotland in 2012. We are set to be a family of 4 in January 2017.

Who we are can be easily seen in our posts. Among our hobbies and interests are music, hiking, running, movies and hanging out with each other and our friends. As a family, we are passionate about living life with people and connecting to others in community.

We hope you enjoy stories from our journey!


One thought on “About Us

  1. Hello! Are you still in Scotland?! I found out about you all from the ‘kids on mission’ pdf. Our family lived in Scotland for 4 years and are back in the US currently applying with the company. If you would be up for chatting please shoot me a message— joymichelleprice [at] gmail [dot] com! Look forward to hearing from you and learning how to better pray for you all!

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