I’m not long back from my third leg along the Camino de Santiago. My brother-in-law and I set out to walk the French Way over the course of four years, which puts us finishing it next year – the year we both turn 40. This leg was another fantastic experience. Each of these times that we set aside is truly a retreat for us. It’s a time to be introspective, pray, reflect upon specific themes within the Bible, and to reorient my heart and mind as I seek to continually be a better husband and father as I grow in my faith. It’s also a time to enjoy the company of a close friend while sharing in lots of laughter and lots of adventure. This year we walked just over 140 miles. My brother-in-law said it well – though weary and physically exhausted when we returned, we both felt rejuvenated as we returned to life with our families and to our jobs. In the coming days I’ll be posting  series of photos from my adventure along the Camino.