I’m often torn when it comes to hillwalking. There are so many new places that I want to see and explore that I can barely make up my mind where to go when I begin making plans to go hillwalking. However, I’m torn because there are also several spots around Scotland that I keep going back to because I enjoy sharing them with others. The Ben Lawers Range is one of those places. Though mostly a straightforward walk, these mountains hold a special beauty overlooking Loch Tay and Glen Lyon. I’ve hiked these mountains enough to have seen them in several different conditions- from sun, cloud, snow, rain, and the mix of each of those- and each time the different conditions only seem to give it yet another hue of intriguing beauty. In early October I took a few guys up to walk Beinn Ghlas and Ben Lawers. One of the things I enjoy about sharing this area with others is watching them observe the beauty of these (hopefully visible) mountain views for the first time. I have yet to take someone and them not get at least a small taste of the hillwalking bug, which makes the experience all the more sweeter.