Eli’s school is partnering with a local charity to begin a gardening project to help inform the parents and children where our food comes from. This has been another great opportunity for our family to get involved with what’s going on in our community. Plus, it has provided us with lots of inspiration for growing a garden in our, well, back garden. Dena and I went to the school back in December for what we thought was an info meeting. It ended up being the day we built the raised beds for the garden. Since then we have been to a couple of other meetings where we have discussed what to plant and when to plant it. Though I’ve had a lot of experience with horticulture, none of it has been Glasgow. It’s been good to learn what does and doesn’t thrive here. I’ve really enjoyed the experience, which has taken me back to my childhood. It’s also inspired me to start doing a bit more gardening here. We’ll see how it goes this spring and summer.