Living in New England for a decade gave me a great love for snow. Don’t get me wrong, the never-ending process of shoveling out my car after the snowplow passes by is not fun. However, there is something serene about the sound of snow falling. An eerie calm falls on a place when heavy snow is falling. There is something extremely special about the beauty of the snow combined with the sound and calm snow brings that I love. Though I live in a place where snow doesn’t tend to stick or accumulate very often, occasionally we get a good snow storm that puts the city on hold for a bit. That happened this weekend. I loved once again listening to the sound of falling snow on my deserted street. Once there was a bit of accumulation, the Little Man and I had a great time getting out and playing. We walked our neighborhood, built a “wee snowman,” and even had a few snowball fights. Here are a few photos from our weekend adventure.