Our family traveled to Ireland over the holidays. We spent some time with my wife’s family and enjoyed the rare opportunity to be together all in one place and to take a deep breath from all of our crazy schedules. Though the weather involved more rain than is typical even for the west coast of Ireland for this time of year, we had a fantastic time simply being together. One of my favorite parts of the time there was the almost continual fire in my brother-in-law and sister-in-law’s fireplace. There is something that I love about that earthy smell that turf peat logs emit as they burn. We did have a couple of afternoons that were only slightly rainy, which allowed us to get out and enjoy a bit of Galway. Every time I have the opportunity to go back to this city, it’s a treat. The city centre’s placement on the ocean, as well as its age, combine to give it a special beauty. Here are a few photos from our adventures out.