Back in late Autumn I had the opportunity to take one last solo hike. It isn’t often that I choose to do a large Munro by myself, but after a friend backed out at the last minute, I figured it would be a great opportunity to spend some time thinking and praying while enjoying the beauty of God’s creation by taking on Beinn Dorain. This was my second attempt to summit Beinn Dorain. On the first attempt another friend and I were hit by a weather front and whiteout conditions that caused us to turn back. On this day I was blessed with gorgeous weather. I’ve wanted to hike this mountain since the very first time I made the drive up the A82. It is extremely majestic and deceivingly difficult to walk. On this clear Autumn day the views from the top were outstanding. It was just the solitude and time of reflection that I needed. As I sat on the summit, I could see a weather front moving down from Glencoe. I chose to make my way back down the mountain. As I arrived at my car, it began to storm. Overall, it was an incredible day.