One of the best highlights of our summer was a trip to see family back in America. It had been two years and two months since we had been in America and seen most of our families. This was the longest that either of us had gone without seeing family or being back in our hometown.

True to Odom form, it was a bit of an unorthodox family holiday. Dena spent the first half in Boston with friends while E and I traveled to the deep south to see our families. Dena’s transatlantic trip was uneventful, while Eli and I had a bit of a tough time making it back to South Alabama. We ended up being really delayed, being diverted into Pensacola, FL (hence the edit to the welcome home sign in the photo), and without any of our luggage. Thankfully we weren’t too long without our bags, as it was absolutely roasting and our long sleeves and jeans simply were not going to be fun to wear. Needless to say, it was a happy reunion when Dena joined us. All in all, it was a fantastic visit. We’ll spend the next few posts on highlights from our trip home. For now, here is a photo of a portion of the large contingent of our sweet family who made the tour of airports across the Gulf Coast in order to welcome us home.