When I was preparing for the Camino, I had no idea what to expect regarding the paths we would be walking. What little I heard from others who had walked it before was that the Camino runs from village to village all along its course to Santiago de Compestella. Honestly, I’m a bit partial to hillwalking in Scotland where there are lots of mountain paths and pathless sections to navigate. Initially, the thought of walking roads and pavement didn’t greatly appeal to me. But I was totally surprised just how many different kinds of surfaces we walked. There were narrow mountain paths, wide forest trails, farm tracks, small gravel roads, large national Roads, and even village and city streets. At one point we even walked the remnants of an old Roman road. The diversity of it all kept me guessing form day to day. This combined with the drastic change in flora and scenery that we passed each day added to my Camino experience significantly. We walked over mountains, through open plains, through wheat fields and vineyards that went as far as the eye could see, through forests, and everything in between. And we only walked the first 100 miles of the pilgrimage! I can only imagine had we continued on to the end, I would have continued to be amazed at the changes each day. Here are a few photos to illustrate what I’m describing.