This weekend a friend of ours looked after Eli so that Dena and I could take some much needed alone time. We struck out for an afternoon in the Campsies. The hike we chose was to be about 5.5 miles and was estimated to only take a few hours. When we arrived at the car park the clouds had set in and the temperature was cool. This was no concern for us. We were simply excited to have a few hours of alone time. We had a lot of fun trekking through the hills. Thankfully, the low hanging cloud layer gave us great glimpses of Glasgow from time to time.

About halfway through the hike the rain set in. This was also the point where we reached the boggiest portion of the hike. We could do nothing but laugh at one another as we slogged through the bog, sometimes sinking up to our shins. It was a rather wet afternoon, but it was a lot of fun all the same! Here are a few photos from our day.