Hiking the Glen Striddle Horseshoe near Luss provided me with a great opportunity to continue training for a long distance hike I am doing later this spring. The 7 miles over Beinn Dubh and around the circuit of hills through a bit of snow looked to be a great combination of training and beauty. Although it was beautiful, and good training, I did not get to finish the full 7 miles. Just before of the halfway point, I reached a section of the trail where everyone ahead of me had obviously stopped and turned around becuase of dangerous trail conditions. After a lot of thought, I too turned around.

Before I turned to go back from where I came, I took my time enjoying the gorgeous day and the solitude. The day was such that I could look around and see over to Ben Lomond and clearly into the Trossachs. I could also look in the distance and see the Arrochor Alps with the familiar sillhoette of the Cobbler. Unfortunately, the photos I took don’t come anywhere close to doing the sights justice. However, they will remind me of the incredible time I had enjoying God’s creation.