This weekend D was gracious enough to suggest that I get away and go hiking for a bit. The weather forecast was calling for sunny, clear skies and high visibility, so I chose to hike around the Glen Striddle Horseshoe surrounding Luss. I knew that these conditions combined with the fresh snow the area had experienced would prove to be a gorgeous day. I had no idea just how gorgeous it would prove to be.

I love to hike with others. It’s a joy to share the beauty, talk about life, and have the opportunity to both receive and be a source of encouragement to others as the day goes on. But there is also something really special about hiking alone. I tend to do this sparingly, as I have a propensity toward clumsiness. That is not a trait that serves one very well while hiking mountainous terrain. Nevertheless, I truly enjoyed the opportunity for exercise, the immense beauty of the day and spending some time praying as I walked. Here are a few photos.