During winter, Scotland is a place where the Northern Lights are commonly seen. However, we have yet to see them. That’s in large part due to our living in the city where the ambient light washes out most of the light from the night sky. However, a couple of weeks ago, our area was supposed to be able to see them extremely clearly.

Seeing the Northern Lights has been on my “Bucket List” for a while, so the prospect of finally getting to gaze on them had my adrenaline pumping. With eagerness, I drove several miles up into the mountains, camera in hand, hoping to see this elusive phenomenon. That night was bitterly cold and windy. Therefore I alternated standing out, looking up into the sky and jumping into the car to warm up. This went on for minutes, then hours…with no sighting of the Northern Lights. After a few hours I packed it in and made the drive home with the same number of items still on my bucket list.

This winter is supposed to provide several opportunities to see them. I’m hopeful for another chance!