Last weekend I had the opportunity to join a friend on a hike up Tinto. With potentially bad weather forecast, neither of us wanted to risk hiking a large mountain, so we chose to hike up one that was smaller. Tinto was a great choice because of its tremendously beautiful views over the Clyde Valley and it is also relatively close to Glasgow. Even more, what it lacks in size, Tinto makes up for it in strenuous ascent. Although we hit a bit of snow on the way up, the main concern I had was the incredible gusts of wind that we encountered. Once we finally reached the summit, we sheltered for a bit to rest and grab a bite to eat. While we waited, the wind pushed all of the grey skies away for a brief few minutes, so we took the opportunity to grab some photos. All in all, it was a great opportunity to take in a great hill in the middle of the cold, dark Scottish winter.