This week we continued our annual family tradition of picking out and decorating a Christmas tree. We love the smell of a live tree that permeates through the house. For us, it’s one of the smells that reminds us of Christmas. Eli is now at an age where he could actively engage in the process of helping to pick out a tree and have fun doing it. We had a great time on the very chilly night that we set out to choose our tree. Dena and I set out a few options for the little guy and he chose which one he liked the most. Once we got it home, we continued the tradition of decorating the tree while watching a family favorite Christmas movie- White Christmas. I must say that our whole family has really enjoyed the lighted and decorated tree as it sits in our living room. It’s been fun to talk with Eli about the ornaments we have, as well as the reason our family, as Followers of Jesus, celebrates Christmas. Here are a few photos.