The Cobbler is one of Scotland’s most famous and frequented mountains. Many have dubbed it Scotland’s Favorite Mountain. Though it is not the tallest mountain (It is not even classified as a Munro.), the views that it offers combined with the challenge of reaching its summit make it one that I have long wanted to hike. In fact, the Cobbler is one that I have been itching to hike since we first arrived in the country.

This past weekend a friend and I made the journey. Apparently we chose the perfect day becuase the temperatures were quite comfortable and the views were clear and gorgeous. Though we reached the top of the mountain, to touch the actual summit point one mush crawl through a hole in a rock followed by a very narrow scramble along an extremely narrow ledge (overlooking a several hundred foot drop). Only then can you stand (or fearfully hunker in the fetal position) atop the very narrow summit point. I’m not sure if it was good sense, my very real dislike of heights, or the simple desire not to die a very stupid death, but I was satisfied with seeing the 360 degree views without having to climb atop the rock. I did make it to the hole in the rock, but that was as far as I was going. Here are a few photos from the spectacular Cobbler.