Recently our family had the opportunity to see something we had only read about in books or ever seen in movies- a Jousting tournament. At Linlithgow Palace, one of our favorite spots to visit, a performing troop put on a demonstration of sword fighting, medieval battle simulation and a competitive match of Jousting between knights. We had a fantastic time! As you can imagine, Eli was enthralled, soaking up each detail of every horse and knight. We were very impressed with the performance and the authenticity in which all of the performers demonstrated. The knights wore armor personalized with brilliant colors and head ornaments. Even the horses were adorned in seemingly authentic battle array. The day took me back to childhood memories of pretending to be a knight, decked out in armor while charging into battle on my fearless horse. I could see the same sense of wonder in Eli as he sat in awe of it all. Thankfully the event had a lighthearted family atmosphere, minimizing the violence of what was surely a gory event in its day. The performers acted their part well, as they both gave and received blows at the right times. Some were even knocked from their horse as a lance exploded onto their armor or shield. The day was a lot of fun and we hope to make it an annual family event. Here are a few photos from the day.