This weekend one of the large tower blocks at the end of our street was imploded by the city. The building was part of Red Road Flats, which are a series of Tower Blocks that have traditionally been an iconic fixture on the skyline of Glasgow. They have been featured in movies, novels and all kinds of stories associated with Glaswegian life and culture. At one time, they were the tallest apartment structures in all of Europe. They were built in the 1960’s, but the decades have not been kind to them. The Glasgow Housing Authority deemed it necessary to demolish the huge tower blocks as part of their regeneration project. Even after the building was evacuated and gutted, it continued to stay in the local news. A family of a protected species of Falcon took up residence in the building and layed eggs there. This building was the second of 8 which are to all be imploded by 2017.

Due to technical difficulties, we were unable to shoot video of the building’s implosion. But here is a fantastic view of the collapse that I found on youtube.

Footage courtesy of YouTube: HDGerry.