This weekend we took a Family Day excursion to Linlithgow Palace. This is one of the best sites we have seen in all of our touring of castles and palaces around Scotland. As beautiful as it is in ruins, there is no denying that it had to have been very majestic and absolutely breath-taking during its prime. The palace was built in the early 1400’s. However, the church sitting just outside the castle gate has had a structure on its site since the early 1100’s. The Palace is most known for being the birthplace and home of Mary Queen of Scotts.

Dena and I had a great time seeing everytihing. But I think the person who enjoyed the visit the most was Eli. With every room and tower we walked, he shouted “wow!” or “cool!” That made the day just that much more fun. Here are a few photos from our exploration of the site.