In the past I have posted several times on various hiking excursions I have had the privilege to take around Scotland. So far, most of them have been on days when the weather was extremely beautiful or at least compliant. That was not the case this weekend. A friend and I decided a few weeks ago that we would go and hike a Munro this weekend. After lots of reading and research we finally decided on a place that we thought wouldn’t be as treacherous, given all of the recent spring snow. As the day approached, we were really excited because the weather was once again supposed to be gorgeous. However, instead of sunny skies and temperatures approaching 10°C/50°F, it was cloudy, foggy and dreadfully cold. I write this post for all of my friends who say that they are always jealous of the great weather we have in Scotland. My friend and I walked most of the day in whiteout conditions, just waiting for the sun to break through. It never did. At one point, visibility was limited to literally 5-8 feet in front of us. On top of all of these excellent conditions is the fact that this was my friend’s first experience in hillwalking. Needless to say, he may think twice about going along with me again. Thankfully, we were not alone. Not far from the base of the trail we encountered five other hikers who were also on their way up to the summit. Honestly, we were comforted to have others join in our adventure. Below are a few photos of what we saw this weekend. I think that the very first photo pretty much sums it up the spectacular views we saw.