Today we finally went and completed a task that’s been needing to be done for some time- Eli’s haircut. Though part of me wanted to continue to let the long curly locks on the back of his head grow out a bit, it was time to get all of his hair evened out. So, this morning we popped into the local barbershop so he could get a trim. Honestly, you just never know what to expect with these kinds of situations. To this point, Dena and I have been doing what little trimming has been needed on Eli’s head. And each time, he hated it. But today was different. I’m not sure if it was going to the shop where he could sit in the big chair (on my lap) and watch everything in mirror, or if it was the great tag-team of the two guys who were working the shop today (one of the barbers entertained Eli with his iPhone while the other trimmed). At any rate, it was a success! Eli did a great job and was patient throughout the entire experience. Here are a few photos from the day.