This weekend we took Eli to have the traditional photo taken with Santa. Leading up to the experience you never know how the encounter will go. Some kids think Santa is the best thing ever. For others, it’s more like a scene out of one of our favorite Christmas movies A Christmas Story  where kids wait in line to see Santa only to be horrified once they reach him. The second scenario was way closer to Eli’s actual experience. He thought Santa was fantastic, as long as he didn’t have to be near him. Below is a succession of photos I took that capture the encounter. Eli starts off in Dena’s arms smiling at Santa. Once he is sitting next to Santa, Eli begins to be troubled by this disturbing looking stranger. Then there was no consolation short of gaining as much distance as possible from the bearded one in red. At the risk of sounding like a bad parent, the photos are pretty funny (especially when you notice that Santa’s expression never changes throughout the episode). Hopefully Eli will think so one day once all of the counseling is over. Enjoy!