This weekend our family went to the city centre to enjoy some of the festivities of St. Andrews Day. This is a national holiday for Scots to celebrate their national identity.  According to tradition, some of the first indigenous people of Scotland (the Picts) migrated from the area of the Black Sea (Eastern Europe), where Andrew settled. There they were converted by Andrew to Christianity. About 500 years later, King Angus of the Picts found his forces faced with insurmountable odds of an invading Saxon army. He had a vision that on the next day he would see a cross in the sky and then the victory would be his. The next morning at daybreak, he and his army looked up and saw a cross in the shape of the one on which Andrew was executed. This gave them the courage needed to win the battle. Andrew has been Scotland’s Patron Saint ever since.

We had a great time joining in the celebrations. Sunday afternoon we came across a story-time for families hosted by none other than the great Scottish Warrior King, Robert the Bruce. Though I had read some about the life of King Robert, I must confess that much of what I knew came from what I had seen in the movie Braveheart. The actor portraying Robert had a good time poking fun at Braveheart, pretending to be mad at Mel Gibson for bad PR. Historically, a lot of what was attributed to Mel Gibson’s character in the movie was actually accomplished by Robert the Bruce.

Here are a few photos from the day’s celebrations.