One of things we have noticed about living in Glasgow is that the seasons of the year seem to be ahead of what we considered to be the norm in Alabama and in Boston. When we arrived in June it was Summer. By August, Autumn was in full swing. Winter was upon us by mid-October (including the first snow flurries of the year). It has been pretty amazing to watch. I thought my two-season upbringing in Alabama (hot and hotter) was wild compared to the 4 full, distinct seasons we experienced each year in New England.

As a result of this “schedule change,” the holiday season is sped up as well. My theory for that is that there is no buffer of celebrating Thanksgiving like there is in the USA. Therefore, we have been attending a lot of holiday events the last couple of weeks as the people of our city prepare for the arrival of Christmas. Last week we were able to get tickets to the annual lighting of the city’s Christmas lights in the city centre, which even included an impressive fireworks display. This weekend we went to a Christmas parade which was also in the middle of the city. The Christmas season is here. I only hope we have enough Christmas music to last us before we get burned out on the holiday! In the next couple of posts I will share some of the photos we took of these fantastic family festivities. For now, I’ll share a photo of a beautiful life-sized nativity we saw in the middle of the city. Merry Christmas!