This week we were having one of my favorite things for dinner- breakfast. I had French Toast and Dena and E had other assorted breakfast foods. Earlier in the week we were excited because we found maple syrup from Vermont, which we really love! As I was eating my dinner, I took a bit of a closer look at the bottle of syrup. I found what it said quite funny. Though the title said “Vermont Maple Syrup,” beneath the photo of maple leaves was the statement, “A Product of Canada.” We laughed about that (okay, I laughed and Dena smirked), and then I suddenly realized something else funny about the bottle. It didn’t actually say “Vermont” on it at all. It said “Vertmont,” which means “green mountain” in French. Coincidentally, Vermont is the “Green Mountain State, ” which is really ironic in an Alanis Morissette kind of way. Apparently we were so excited by the prospect of eating real Vermont Maple Syrup that we overlooked the true name. I guess there can be a tendency to see what you want when you crave the things you love. Looking back on it now, the French writing on the bottle should have given it away.