This past weekend I had the opportunity to go hiking with a couple of friends. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned it to them and asked their opinion on where we should hike. One of them mentioned the Munros, which he thought were smaller hills. The logic was that we could work our way into hiking the larger mountains. As it turns out, he had it backwards. Munros are Scotland’s tallest mountains. However, we had already made up our minds to hike a Munro. So we set out to hike Ben Lomond.

Ben Lomond is one of the most famous and most climbed mountains in all of Scotland. It is one of the smaller Munros, at 3,200 ft. The 7.5 mile hike was extremely fun and extremely taxing. There were points where we doubted we would make it to the top. But with a little encouragement from one another, we made it to the summit. At one point, when we thought we were fairly close, we passed by a couple coming down the mountain. We could not see over the ridge we were walking up (which we thought was close to the summit), so we asked if it was much farther. To our very great disappointment, one of them told us that it was indeed a lot farther and the rest of the hike was quite steep. At first we didn’t believe her. All it took was walking another 20 yards and we could finally see over the ridge all the way up to the summit. We were crushed. But we trudged on and finally made it to the summit of Ben Lomond.

The views along the way were absolutely breath-taking. It happened to be a clear, sunny day, so we could see for several miles around. We spent about an hour at the top just taking in the view of what seemed like a chain of mountains in every direction you looked. I’m so grateful for the adventure we had as well as the guys that I got to experience it with. We had so much fun that we have decided to attempt to do this a couple of times a month, weather permitting. Here are a few photos from our day.