In our most recent effort to see more of Scotland, we visited Stirling. Stirling is a beautiful little Scottish town with Stirling Castle overlooking it. Many of you may be familiar with the castle’s cameo in the movie Brave Heart. There has been some kind of defensive structure on the site of the Stirling Castle since before recorded history. The castle was made famous most recently for the battles that William Wallace and Robert the Bruce fought against the English for Scottish Independence in the 11th and 12th centuries. Because of this, the town is also the site of the (William) Wallace Monument, which towers over the city.

Our family took the 25 minute drive up to Stirling on a sunny afternoon this past week. We had a great time taking in the majestic views of lush farmland and rugged wilderness mixed with the town of Stirling. As you can see below. It is a breathtakingly gorgeous area. Here are a few photos from our afternoon adventure.