I am learning that when you make a big move like we have made, one of the most important initial things to do after the move is to establish routine in your new home. That is really the name of the game for Team Odom these days. Although it has been almost six weeks since we have moved to our new city, we are still trying to figure out our pattern of life. This experience has provided us with a special gift- a clean slate. Not only did we move to a new city, we moved to a totally new continent to a place with its own distinct culture. This means we will be establishing new habits (consciously or unconsciously).

When I think about routine, I often think about schedule and time. Admittedly, a lot of my schedule is tied to my job and its schedule. But I’m learning that finding your routine in life is more than just about a schedule. What about when I’m not at work? How will I spend that time? What will our family dynamic look like here? What will our eating habits be? What about our spending? What will it look like for us to connect with those living around us in our neighborhood? Our hope is to make the most of these days and establish healthy life habits for our family. I’m eager to discover the answers to these questions. I have a preferred answer for most of them. I am hoping that those preferred answers turn out to be reality.