Moving to a new place inevitably means missing out on some things back home. For our family, that means us missing out on a few things this time of year. After living in Boston for 10 years, one thing that came to be a tradition for us was to go Apple Picking in late summer/early fall. We loved this event becuase of the friends we got to share the experience with and for the amazing desserts we would make afterward (ok, that Dena would make afterward!). Another thing we were not looking forward to missing was the annual State Fair back in South Alabama. We loved this experience with friends and family, especially all of the agricultural events that my family has been part of over the years.

Yesterday Team Odom went to a city-wide Family Day. It turned out to be just what we needed! It had the atmosphere of both of these experiences combined. Tens of thousands of people gathered at a massive park where there were kids rides, lots of live music, tons of food vendors (including enough jarred jam, honey and preserves to feed a small army!), and lots and lots of livestock. We were amazed at how big this event was. We had a blast walking the park, enjoying the music, seeing the sites and eating some farm-fresh Aberdeen Angus burgers! It was so much fun that we vowed to make this an annual event that we attend. Here are a few photos from the day.