One of the benefits of moving to a new place is finding out all of the cool stuff that is around you. Of course there are the things like finding out where the closest Chinese takeout, Indian takeout or pizza delivery places are. But there are also things that make make each place unique. We’re enjoying discovering what those things are.

After a bit of exploration, I’ve discovered that our new home is extremely diverse, geographically. We live in an urban area, along with every amenity and flaw that comes with this. From our apartment, you can drive (or take a bus) less than ten minutes and be in the city center. We love that! However, we also live close to a nature lover’s paradise. If you drive another direction, in less than 15 minutes you are in the middle of mountains with lots of cows and sheep to greet you. I can’t imagine a better place geographically for me. I love living in cities. However, I have a deep love for being in mountains. There is something about them that is calming and peaceful. I have previously posted a couple of photos from the city center. Here are a couple of photos from the mountains.