Team Odom is now in Scotland! We made it safely with all of our luggage! We had friends here who helped us with getting our luggage from the airport to our new home, which was a tremendous blessing! It was really funny watching everyone standing around the conveyor waiting for luggage as they realized I was getting more then one piece of luggage off of the conveyor. In fact, I noticed several people chuckle every time I grabbed another piece of luggage. All total, we fit all of our earthly belongings into 9 pieces of luggage!

We left South Alabama when it was 100+ degrees. We were greeted by 60 degrees in Scotland! Today has also been a gorgeous day with highs in the upper 50’s!

Everyone slept REALLY well last night. We were disciplined enough to stay up until almost midnight local time. We were all so tired from the trip that we slept for almost 12 hours. Today has been a good day where we have gotten out and walked a bit of our neighborhood. If we continue this trend, the hills of our neighborhood will definitely keep us in shape. Our plan is to update the next post with photos of the area and our new place. Thanks for taking the journey with us!