For a long time D and I have been pondering our future. We have finally decided that the next step for our family is to move away from Boston. This was a very difficult and sad decision to make. We have such deep relationships with those we call family in Boston that the thought of leaving is painful to say the least. However, we feel that the timing is providentially right for us to leave. Therefore, in the short term, we have decided to move closer to our extended families in Alabama.

For the last few weeks we have been saying our goodbyes to all of our friends and family in Boston. Through this experience it has been extremely apparent just how blessed we have been with amazing friends. There were many tears shed as we both shared our news and said our goodbyes. The mutual love that our family has with all of our community in Boston is something that has taught us a lot about how we should love our natural families as we are in the process of moving. For now, if you’re in Alabama (or the vicinity), we would love to see you.