A while back I wrote a post about our softball team. We are almost to the end of the season and it has been a ton of fun. Before the season, I had forgotten how much I enjoy playing softball. I also had forgotten how competitive I can get (sometimes to a fault). It has been great to know several new people while playing a great sport. I have also enjoyed many victory celebrations with them (although, the victories were mostly in our hearts and not as a result of our efforts).

Last night we were in the midst of an intense game. I had gotten a single and was waiting on first for the batter behind me to hit. As he hit the ball, I took off (with every ounce of blazing speed I posses, which isn’t much). I saw the center fielder bobble the ball so I made the decision to run for third base. As I approached third, I could tell from my third base coach and the third baseman that the throw was going to be close, so I followed my instincts….and I slid.

In my former days of playing baseball as a kid, I don’t seem to recall a slide ever being painful. Unfortunately, that is not the case in this story.

As the moment passed between my momentum carrying me from a sprint and into the slide, I knew I had made a mistake. As I was sliding, I could not help but make the observation that I was sliding on mostly gravel. This is a moment with which I am sure you are familiar. In my experience, when an injury occurs, there is a span of time that ranges from 1 to about 5 seconds where a conversation happens inside my head. It usually goes something like this: “Oh no, this is really going to hurt!!! Oh wait, no pain yet, it may not hurt after all. [deep breath in relief]. [Suddenly, intense pain]. OUUUCH!” That was basically what happened yesterday as I slid.

However, I would like to point out that I was safe at third. And I was able to score on the next play. Here are some pictures of the resulting battle wounds: