This week I am in Kentucky to take a class. This is one of the few classes I have left before I am finished earning my Master’s Degree. While on campus I will experience about 40 hours of lecture. This week is designed to cram a semester’s worth of work and lecturing into the period of one single week. Thankfully, we are usually given a couple of weeks after the class is over to complete papers and reading. Even though it will be an extremely long (and potentially brutal) week, the good news about this is that I can take an entire class in just one week.

I am currently getting ready to go to sleep so I can get some rest before class starts tomorrow. I keep thinking of a quote from The Return of the King when Pippin and Gandolf are overlooking the battlefield. As they are waiting for the enemy to attack, Pippin asks Gandolf why it is so quiet. Gandolf simply responds, “It’s the deep breath before the plunge.” I will keep you posted on how things go.