A few weeks ago some friends and I started playing softball in a local co-ed league. Softball is a sport I love playing. In years past, my favorite positions were left field or center field because I love to catch the deep fly balls on the run. Before the season started there were a couple of practices. Since I already had previous commitments, I was unable to go to both practices. When the first game rolled around, I was assigned to play short stop and second base. It has been a good 12 years since I have played any position in the infield (and that was baseball). Needless to say, without having any practice, I was worried. Very worried. I made it through the first game pretty much unscathed and was able to get to our practice the next week.

After that practice I was assigned 3rd base. Although I was hesitant at first, I have come to really enjoy playing this position. The constant action is quite the adrenaline rush. It has been a blast. It has been fun playing the game, but I have also enjoyed getting to know some new people. We have a pretty diverse team, which I think is extremely cool. Here is a picture of the team taken after our last game. Half of the team works in a lab at a local hospital. Therefore, we have been dubbed the “bio hazards.” It’s a very ominous, very cool name. Opponents be afraid.