On this special day, I would like to wish a very happy Mother’s Day to my Mom. The life I have today would not be if it were not for her life and influence. I have learned over the years that love is not about feelings which are fleeting. Real love is about demonstration and commitment. One of the reasons I have learned that is because I have seen it in the life of my Mom. I had the amazing blessing of growing up in a home where both of my parents stayed married and remained devoted to sacrificing for one another. I am extremely grateful for her example that taught me how to truly love your partner in marriage.

I appreciate her for always believing in me and pushing me to reach my potential. My Mom is without a doubt one of the most likable people that you will have ever meet. I appreciate her sense of humor, her laugh (which is always contagious in any setting) and her ability to trust the good in all people. Mom, thanks for being a great mother and for saturating my life with your goodness and love. I love you.