After C.&T.’s wedding, D. and I had a few days to rest in Orange Beach, AL. It was amazing! It wasn’t the weather that made it so great. It was the fact that we had the opportunity to truly get away for a few days for the first time in a very long time. The only sun we saw was on the first afternoon we arrived. Even so, we took time to walk on the beach. Even though the water was warmer in the Gulf than it will be all summer in the frigid Atlantic waters in New England, it was still a bit cool to take a swim. I was, however, able to break out my summer clothes for the first time this year. (I promptly put them back up after arriving back in Boston. It’s still too cold for shorts.) I think the best part of the time away was the quiet that we experienced. We were not rushing around a busy city. We simply relaxed.

Stay tuned for pictures of our get-away.