Last weekend D. and I went to a friend’s birthday party. The party was held at a candlepin bowling alley. For those of you not familiar with candlepin bowling, it’s a New England game that is similar to regular ten pin bowling. The differences are mainly in the size of the pins (which are skinnier) and the size of the balls (which are much smaller than regular bowling balls). Instead of getting 2 attempts at knocking the pins down, each player gets 3 turns per frame. Also, none of the pins are cleared between balls so the player can actually use the pins that have been previously knocked down to knock down those that are still standing. This sounds easier, I know. But as one who grew up going bowling a lot, I can tell you that it is actually harder. However, it is still a lot of fun, especially with a group of friends. And since the balls are lighter, flinging the balls as hard as you can down the lane never gets old (although your low score from doing this repeatedly may get old after a while). Below is a very short video of one of my frames. Unfortunately, the clip begins just as I finish bowling the best turn of the frame. I guess you’ll have to take my word for it that it was a decent roll.