This past weekend D. and I went up to Vermont to visit some friends. Even though it got down to 6 below zero one night, we had a great time. I think the Green Mountains of Vermont are incredibly beautiful and D and I love to visit during winter just to see the sites. One of the highlights from the trip was an activity that came as a surprise. My friend has a snowmobile which he let us borrow. You have to understand that Vermont has more than 2,000 miles of trails that it maintains each year for all of the outdoor enthusiasts. Even more, D and I have been trying to do this in Vermont for several years. Our anniversary is in December and we have spent three or four of our anniversaries celebrating in Vermont. Each of those times we looked into snowmobiling, but it was always a week before the trails opened. So it was a treat for us to finally get to do this. We had a blast! We only spent a couple of hours one afternoon riding, but it was great fun. Here are some pictures from the afternoon.

We didn’t quite get “the air ” that the people on the sign got.