For the last four years, one of the ways we have gotten into the “Christmas spirit” is by having several friends over on a Saturday (usually around thanksgiving) for an all-day movie event. We pick several of the Christmas favorites and watch them all in one day. This is such a fun experience. It’s great to spend a day with friends, eating lots of food and drinking lots of hot beverages.

This year’s Christmas Movie Marathon was another successful day of movie watching and being with friends. In years past, many people have come and gone throughout the day due to prior commitments or work. But this year, almost everyone was able to stay for the entire day. We also had some games set up in case there were some who were not a fan of watching one of the movies on the schedule. And there was a contest to see who could come in the best pajamas. Thanks to all of you who came and partook in this fun day.

Oh, and the first person to guess what movie is playing in the top picture gets bonus points. (Click on the image to enlarge the photo.) D., your vote doesn’t count.

J.R. taking a turn at holding Maddie who is rarely unhappy.

P. was our barista for the day. He made great Latte’s, Coffee and whatever else we requested.
A.R. enjoying his beverage made by P.
The winner of the pajama contest is…K.J.!!! Good job.