We had our first snow on Sunday. This, in my mind, marks the official beginning of winter. There was no accumulation. In fact, it melted as it hit the ground. There wasn’t even any that stuck to or collected on the car. But it was beautiful to watch as it fell quietly. I often say this, but there is something calming and serene about the quiet sound of falling snow. The feelings I have regarding winter are a bit weird. At first, I am optimistic about this long dreary season of life. In the beginning it seems to be nice, beautiful and even fun. When March comes around I always wonder, “what was I thinking?! Can winter be over already!”

I was driving to meet a friend just north of the city earlier this week. All along my route, the trees were barren and gray. As much as I delight in and love the fall colors, there is something beautiful about the color of the empty trees. I think I am attached to this because it reminds me of the little bit of hunting I did with my Dad as a teenager in South Alabama. I was never the master hunter (I’ll not share the details so as to spare my animal loving friends who are gasping in horror), but I enjoyed sitting in the cold quiet of the woods. Seeing the barrenness all around as I was making the drive, reminded me of those feelings of contentment as I sat listening to the sounds of the woods. It made me think that those memories are probably a lot of the reason why I embrace winter so much.

So for now, winter is here and it is nice. The scenery is gorgeous. The snow is pretty. The wind however, I can do without. But another season of life is here nonetheless.