D and I had a fantastic day Thursday. There is nothing like enjoying Thanksgiving with friends and family. Although we weren’t able to be with our immediate family down South, we had a great time with family here in Boston. As always, D did an outstanding job cooking an amazing turkey. The combined efforts of D and CR made for a fantastic meal. I was very proud of myself. I worked hard not to engage in gluttony. Although I did eat a lot, I think I was successful in attaining my goal.

Since we have been doing Thanksgiving on our own the last six years, D and I have a started tradition. After the meal when everyone is still sitting around the table talking to one another, we have everyone share a bit about what they are thankful for since the last Thanksgiving. It is always interesting, encouraging and heart-warming to hear the things people mention. I was encouraged that the thing most mentioned around the table was a valued relationship of some kind or another. In our culture of extreme materialism, it is refreshing to be around people who value people above material things. We have good friends.