I am back in the land of the living. All of last week I was very sick with something resembling the Flu. It is in moments like this that I look back on the last several days and see how amazing D is. My beautiful wife is a servant like no other. We have had many opportunities to give advice to friends who are either preparing for marriage or are struggling through marriage. One of the things we have always said is that marriage is a lot more about serving your spouse than it is having your own needs met. We convey that real, true love is not about emotions which waver, but about commitment and action. I truly believe that a marriage functions best when both spouses have this mindset. It is when this outlook on marriage is present that both spouses are happiest.

Last week D once again lived out that advice we have given so often. For most of the week I didn’t have the strength to do much more than lay on our couch. Throughout each day, she checked on me innumerable times as I lay there. She waited on me and took amazingly good care of me. I was already very grateful for the wife that I have, but this week has multiplied that gratitude.

D has always been an example to me of how to serve others and put others first. Through her actions (and demonstration of love) last week, she continued to show me the definition of servanthood. Thanks D. I love you.