My favorite season of the year, has come and gone. I love fall. I love the beauty of the changing colors (of which I have grown even fonder of while living in Boston). I love college football and the way you can almost smell football season in the fall air. Unfortunately, my favorite time of year has all but passed. Although winter doesn’t officially begin for some time, the temperatures tell us differently. For the last few weeks, those of us living in New England have enjoyed unseasonably warm weather. We have been having highs in the 50’s and 60’s. We have yet to have a series of nights below freezing. All that is changing this week.

Due to the incoming cold weather and possible snow fall, it’s now time to embrace all of the things that come with winter. Snow. Ice. Layering. Hot beverages. Snow is a beautiful thing. I have noticed that I love snow the first time we get it. It is gorgeous as it sits on the trees. There is a serenity to the sound of the snow quietly falling. However, my love for snow quickly diminishes when the task of shoveling comes around. As far as ice goes, I don’t think I have ever enjoyed ice. It only takes one time of unknowingly stepping on a sheet of ice and having your feet go out from under you to understand what I am talking about. I do like the genius of layering. And how can you not love a hot beverage on a cold day?

In honor of the passing of Fall 2008, here is a picture of what is probably to come. So for now…I say good-bye to my dear friend Autumn.