I love Fall in New England. I think I mentioned that in my last post. Fall is extremely festive. There is something about enjoying the beautiful creation around us while apple picking, not to mention the apple pies, apple crisp and other apple dishes. I enjoy watching college football (which is not necessarily indigenous to New England). I have always enjoyed football in the fall, but being in a place where there are four distinct seasons makes football season more exciting to me. I love it when the weather changes to become cool and you have to start wearing light long sleeves.

I love all of this…but then there is my absolute favorite part about fall. I love the changing color of the leaves. There is nothing like driving through New England’s hilly landscapes beholding the extravagant colors all around. It is as if this time of year is the one time that the trees get to show off. This week D. and I took what we thought was going to be an afternoon to ride up to NH and part of Vermont to look at the leaves. According to a popular weather site, that particular day was supposed to be one of a couple days where the color was at its peak. So we packed the car with a sandwiches, snacks and a few maps. We charged the iPod and loaded a few new genius play-lists and then made our way towards NH. As we got into Northern Massachusetts, there was very, very little color. I was very disappointed. I’m a little ashamed to say that we both began making fun of the site for its inaccurate information. As we crossed the Massachusetts New Hampshire state line, I sarcastically joked, “okay, we’re in NH…where are all of the colors?!” Ironically, not even an entire second later, it was if a switch had been thrown. The leaves on the trees went from green and dull colors to bright, fantastically, brilliant color. We were both in awe.

The exclamations of “wow!”, “whoa!” and other similar outbursts were incessantly coming out of our mouths for the next couple of hours. It was an amazing day. We have been making similar trips to this for the last seven years and I have only seen the color of the leaves that bright one other time. And that was six years ago.

In true T. and D. form, we had a rough estimate of where we were going. There really was no true destination (it’s more adventurous that way). We drove through rural NH and into VT. We even made a surprise pit stop at a friend’s house in VT. We had no idea we would go that far into Vermont at the beginning of the day. It wasn’t until we were a few miles from his house before we realized that we were close. At that point, I knew we had to stop and say hello.

All in all, it was a fantastic day. Even though what was supposed to be a short, 3 or 4 hour road trip ended up taking eleven hours, it was great fun. We both got a little carried away and just kept driving and driving and driving. I am very thankful for days like that. They are the days that stand out in my mind as I think about the joys of living life in New England. They are also the days that make the long, almost unbearable, winters days bearable. I have posted a few more pictures below. I hope you enjoy. Maybe it will give our friends and family some incentive to come visit next fall!

We loved the sign! Click on the picture so you can see the larger version. Break for the moose! It could save your life!
This one was taken along the interstate in Southern NH. I couldn’t resist pulling over and getting a few shots of this spot. Unfortunately, the picture doesn’t do anything close to capturing the brilliance of the colors.

This next one is for my Dad. It was taken on the border of rural Vermont and New Hampshire.

This was one of my favorite trees from the day. I took several shots of it. I think this picture best captures the level of color we were seeing all day.