The last month or so D and I have been busy. There is a reason why I haven’t posted in just over a month. D and I travel once a year or so to do small tours where we play living room concerts of the songs I write. We just got back from one of these month-long tours. They are always great fun but they are really exhausting. I am positive that I am not cut out for “life on the road.” By us taking three or four weeks each summer to do this, I get the feel of touring while being able to have a stable environment where I spend most of the year.

Playing living room concerts are always fun to me. I enjoy playing my music for people and meeting lots of new folks. Also, the venue of the living room provides a smaller, laid back atmosphere. And if you know me, you know I like laid back environments. Also, people are able to converse and hang around to talk after the concert is over. There is usually food involved, so the people who come not only get to hang out and catch up with friends, but they also get to eat lots of great food while listening to me play music. A few pictures from our tour…

This was a great night. There were almost 40 people at this concert, which is a larger audience for us.

Here D is telling a story while I re-tune.

This was my first real experience playing in a coffee shop. This was a fun place. It had a Caribbean theme.