Each 4th of July that D. and I have lived in Boston we have made it a practice to watch the fireworks. For the last five years we have invited friends to watch them with us. The fireworks don’t start until 10:30 pm, but we get to our spot around 6 pm to ensure that we have a good view.

This year as we set out to fulfill our tradition we brought along the friends who have adopted the tradition as their own, as well as a few new friends and my family. It was a good time of playing games, eating snacks, good conversation and taking in the view of a beautiful city ornamented by the many boats on the Charles and the reflections of the setting sun on the water and the buildings. Here are some of the pictures from the wait.

After a long few days of walking, waiting for the fireworks provided Mom and Dad with a relaxing opportunity to take in the view and atmosphere of Boston on the 4th of July.