This week my family has been in town visiting D and me. My Mom, Dad, Aunt R. and Cousin C. made the trip up to celebrate Independence Day Week with us. It has been great to have them here and to be able to act like tourists again. D. and I always enjoy seeing the historic sites in our area, even though we have seen them a ton of times. For some reason I always find myself taking just as many pictures as if I had never seen the sites or never would see them again.

We made the trip down to Plymouth Thursday, seeing Plymouth Rock and the replica of the Mayflower. Of course we checked out several of the gift shops, grabbing a couple of memento’s. Plymouth is a quaint little New England town, but this time of year, tourists flood the streets. It has been fun to experience all of this with family and it has made this year’s 4th of July special for us.

Above: Mom, D., T. and Dad posing by the Plymouth Rock Monument.

Cousin C. posing.
My Aunt R. and I.

The girls!