A few days ago, D. and I., along with a group of our friends, took the “Behind the Scenes Tour” at Old North Church. Old North Church is a place I have been many times. Any time we have guests in town, we take them along the Freedom Trail (the historical walking tour of Boston) and into Old North Church. I really couldn’t count the number of times I have heard the “talk” from the Tour Guides. I actually think I could do a decent job at giving the talk. But the Behind the Scenes Tour was something new for us. The tour guide took us around a couple of the streets adjacent to the church and spoke on the history that has taken place around the church. We then proceeded up to the Bell Tower, where the bells are still rung today. Unfortunately we didn’t get to ring the bells. Apparently you must have training in this.

I must confess, I was a bit disappointed. I assumed we would go up to where the lanterns were hung near the Steeple. This did not happen. Honestly, I don’t think everyone taking the tour could make the climb (several flights of stairs and up a couple of ladders and through two hatches).

After the Bell Tower, we were led down to the crypt. The Crypt redeemed the rest of the tour! Parts of it have been updated, but much of it has the original brick and flooring from when it was first built by the Anglicans. There were several interesting grave markers still in the walls. After leaving the Crypt the tour ended at a garden that we had no idea even existed. Overall, the tour was a lot of fun. It was nice to experience with friends who really appreciate all of the rich history surrounding the building (two of which studied History in their graduate work). I’ll be posting some pictures from the Old North Church over the next few days.

This is what they call the “Third Lantern.” It’s a replica of the lanterns hung on the night the riders raised the alarm of the British invasion.