Since 1948, The Jimmy Fund has held many events in order to raise money for cancer research. For the last 26 years, one of those events has been the annual Scooper Bowl at City Hall Plaza in Boston. For $8, you pay to get into this event only to eat yourself into an ice cream stupor. D and I, along with some other friends, did our part for the cause of cancer this year. There were several local and major brands of ice cream, all giving one scoop samples of four different flavors. For only $8, you could eat as many flavors, as many times as you wanted. I confess, I tried about 20 flavors of ice cream. For the record, I didn’t eat the ENTIRE scoop of all 20 flavors. In spite of this, it has still taken me a few days to have the desire to eat ice cream again. Here are some pictures from the Day.

Here is our friend E., who worked the event.

Good to the last bite!

D. and our friend Cr. enjoying a couple of flavors from Ben and Jerry’s.